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"We love the medical sound healing. It’s been tremendously beneficial for our patients and we now offer it as a regular service. We are a huge fan."

-Dr. Nancy

"I was in so much pain a couple of nights ago. I had a heart burn that even affected my inner ear. I almost thought it was a heart attack. I have had this before when I was pregnant though so I knew what it was. I was so concerned that I would not be able to get to sleep. I tried tums, pepto bismol, and even drank baking soda and water. Nothing worked. I missed most of Linda's live Facebook sessions. I just happen to catch bits of them. I was so grateful to have her recordings though and decided to give her sound therapy a try again because months ago I sat in on one of her other free sessions and it healed my back pain. Well, I don't think I was even half way through the meditation before I was pain free and immediately fell asleep before the session even finished. I slept all night! It seems to be that healing white light that Linda introduces to be the magic for me. I am so grateful for your work and am a believer in what you do. Thank you so much for making it available to people like me."

- Kim Romero

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"Linda is a true professional. She is very creative, talented, and skilled in her profession. She is dedicated, and goes the extra mile. She is patient, and brings out the best in people. I would highly recommend her."

-Charles P.

"I participated in Linda's Sound Healing mediation and absolutely loved it! I felt so relaxed when it was over!
Thanks Linda! I will be keeping this to use over and over!"

-Colleen S.

"This meditation experience was unbelievable! I believe I am still feeling the affects from it! I would love to do this again and other amazing techniques!"

-Melissa C.

"I had an old ankle injury. Within several sessions with Linda, the pain and swelling reduced drastically. Linda is a very kind and caring individual."

-Bill P.

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