About Linda...

Linda brings musicians to the next level. Through her unique and tailored programs, she sets up individuals for the highest level of success. Linda inspires a new paradigm shift to take her students from overwhelmed and frustrated to organized, empowered, uplifted, energized, and fulfilled with a new love for music and life. She gives her students an action plan that fits their needs and an “I CAN DO THIS!” attitude (even while balancing life, extra-curricular activities AND work!)

Linda proves that by moving away from “feeling inspired” and into “inspired daily action” even a newcomer can skip the years of trial and error and instead create a simple, systemized routine way to turn musical dreams into a reality. She believes daily habits plus effective small action steps can help anyone create FREEDOM so they can feel uplifted, energized, inspired, balanced and filled with musicianship skills needed to succeed while having more FUN!

7 Stars Music Academy is geared toward your personal music needs!

We have a flexible lesson plan to accommodate your interests, talents, and goals.

Our instructors are dedicated to all of our students from novice to advanced.

We offer instruction in Classical, Jazz, Blues, and Pop. Along with private lessons, group lessons, live performance, performance with a band, songwriting & composition, college prep & theory courses, and classical competitions.

What We offer & More...

ALL Genres & Music Styles: 
Whether you want to learn Classical, Jazz, Blues, or Pop, we can teach you ANY style.

Private Lessons:
We offer traditional 1:1 lessons to ensure that you are learning exactly WHAT you WANT at YOUR PACE.

Group Lessons:
For those students who enjoy and thrive in the group setting, we offer opportunities to play and learn with others. We even offer Music, Mommy & Me classes for those brand new musicians ages 5 and under!
Live Performances:
We offer opportunities to perform live throughout the year through both formal and casual settings.
Community Performances:
For those who LOVE to GIVE BACK to the COMMUNITY, we offer free performances for our local communities. BONUS: Students who participate in such performances are eligible for community service hours towards school and religious programs.

Ever want to learn how to write your own music? You've come to the right place! We teach it all from writing the lyrics, riffs, chord progressions, and even producing your music through various professional software programs (e.g. Logic Pro & ProTools).

Music Recording & Production:
Whether it be covers or original pieces, we can teach you the ins and outs of recording & producing your own music.

College Prep:
Thinking of music as a full-time career? We are experts in training you for any college-level music program from written music theory exams, sight-reading, and repertoire.

We participate in some of the top music competitions recognized world-wide. Not only do we help you perfect your musicianship skills for these performances, we help you have fun in the process. Participation in such competitions look great on resumes and for any college applications too!

Ready To Start Learning???

Want to make your musical dreams a reality?

You're not alone! Sign-up and get started today on your musical journey. Just click on the button now.

Ready To Start Learning???

Want to make your musical dreams a reality?

You're not alone! Sign-up and get started today on your musical journey. Just click on the button now.

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